Why Dance?




As humans, we have always danced, even before we had words for it.  Rhythmic body movement is instinctual and this internal rhythm has allowed us to connect with one another throughout the centuries. People dance for all kinds of reasons: to mourn, to celebrate, to heal, to assert individuality, to entertain, to get fit, and to preserve cultural heritage.  Almost anyone can dance, regardless of age, size or ability. 


The Muze at 1-242 Dundas is saying farewell.  Classes will continue to April 30, 2016.   


Financially sustaining a space that is reliant on fees from dance classes and rental of space has become too difficult to maintain.  In saying this I am so grateful for the support and love received.   


All drop in rates are $15 and class of 4, $60.  You can pay cash, cheque or online at www.themuze.ca for a drop in card.


The current classes that will continue to be taught are:


  • Classical East Indian Dance
  • Tai Chi
  • Capoeira for adults and kids
  • Mature Movers Ballet
  • Ballet Break on Tuesdays
  • Beyond Ballet
  • Barre
  • Mindful Body workshop: Radiant Lotus Qigong for Women with Claire Turner Reid on April 23rd 1-4pm
  • Conscious Dance on Saturdays April 16th and 30th from 8-10pm.  
  • Please all join us for the Conscious Dance Party to celebrate the end of the Muze in joy and free dance.


I would like to thank the many people that have helped make the Muze a reality: Leah Getchell, Marc Langlois, Jodi Cronyn, Niki Carr, Vidya Natarajan, Mariam Alazem, Geoff Gibbs, Niki Carr, Lindsey Cherrett, Erin Santolupo, Domenic Massa, Ruth Douthwright, Tom Bird, Sheila Horrell, David Bobier, Helene Lussier, Catherine McInnes, Alejandro Zuluaga Melanie Schambach, and Rose Martino and all the wonderful people who have continued to provide ongoing support, love, dance and joy.


Let us all continue to dance together in all forums and in the community.  Dance has the power to bring joy, a sense of belonging, self expression and cultural sharing.